{wedding day & t1}

Shortly after my Type 1 diagnosis, I began to feel anxiety about my T1 management on March 22, 2014: my wedding day. I had only been diagnosed for a few weeks and still had no idea how I’d do this forever; I couldn’t comprehend a time where I knew how to handle it.

Thankfully, there are other blogs out there that deal with this scenario. However, it’s slim pickings. Most blogs I read about T1 women and wedding day management were from women who had a pump pocket sewn into their dress; my dress was already finalized. {it didn’t end up mattering anyways because I’m back on injections, but at the time, this was a source of worry.}

Overall, it went pretty well.

I had 7 {yes, seven} bridesmaids and I “assigned” 2 of them to carry my supplies around for the day since 1) they offered and 2) I didn’t have a clutch. I made a full PDF guide on what everything means and what to do in certain {specific} scenarios. It had a table of contents and everything!

I thought I would run high all weekend due to stress. To my surprise, I ran low. GET THIS: I didn’t have any hypers and only one hypo! I had a few out of range numbers, but overall, I ran pretty normal. A couple times, after a little too much alcohol, I crept too close to the 240 line but never actually hit it.

On the day of, I ran in the 100s ALL DAY for the most part. Are you geekin’ yet? Because I still am. I only had to give 3 injections day of; only one of which was in my wedding dress.

I wore a simple ball gown, and was terrified of getting blood on my blinding white wedding dress. So I did my injection in my upper arm; it worked fine.

I ate cake without giving insulin {because I was running low} and it was glorious.

I had one hypo on the wedding day and it was just so perfectly timed {sarcasm.} Standing at the altar, after lighting the unity candle, everyone looking at us, quiet moment…it was fab. Each of my bridesmaids had a roll of smarties tied to their bouquets. I nearly reached back to grab my MOH’s but I didn’t want to have ‘betes interrupt my moment {stubborn?} I toughed it out, and ate smarties in the limo IMMEDIATELY following the ceremony. Looking back, I should’ve just eaten the damn smarties.

Overall it was a successful and beautiful day. I recommend having a team of people to help with your supplies and who are trained to know how to respond to dangerous situations. It helped me immensely!

Questions are welcomed; photos attached. {you HAVE to check out Leigh Elizabeth Photography and Happy Daisy Photography!!}