life update!

It’s been a minute since my last post (and by “a minute,” I mean about 8 months.) I thought I should give a life update, since so much has happened this year! It’ll be a quick brief.

Since my last post, I…

  • graduated college! BS in Family Studies from Miami University. I walked at the graduation ceremony in May, and officially finished my classes and internship in August.
  • had an amazing internship at a preschool program, which helped me to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life (professionally.)
  • entered the “real world!” I am a preschool teacher at the university’s preschool center, and I love it. Not every day is good, but there is good in every day. I have such a huge heart for my 20 kiddos (and am already missing them for the long weekend, even though I haven’t left work yet for the day.)
  • became a crazy cat mom. They needed homes, I need an animal (or two) around, so everyone won. 🙂
  • became a real runner! I have four 5ks, one 10k, one 15k, and one half marathon under my belt now. I am actively training for another half, which will occur early 2015. Maybe someday I’ll complete a full marathon…maybe.

I’m so excited to be back blogging. This time, I plan to focus less on my dead pancreas, and more on the shenanigans I encounter (especially at my job…3 year olds are quite unpredictable!)