the call


You can send me anywhere. You can ask of me absolutely anything, because I know of the grace I have found in Christ Jesus. I. Know. 

life is a silly thing. we’re always planning: our day, our meals, our outfits, our week, our holidays, our travels, our next steps. there’s this insane assumption that we will always have it figured out before we get to the next step {or else you’ll be embarrassed when people ask overly personal questions, as they tend to do in times of transition.} i have always thought this, & operated accordingly.

however, recently {like…this week}, God has been whispering something in my ear: sometimes, all you need is the call. 

Brian & I are making the move from Ohio to Alabama in about two weeks. we have a lot of stuff figured out, a lot of great opportunities & avenues to travel down, and we are continuing to figure things out as we go.

as much as I would love to say that we have a logical, concrete plan…I cannot say that. we have an outline, but really? this next step in our journey is a huge leap of faith. 

we are moving to Alabama for many “logical” reasons. but the primary reason is this: God is calling us there. 

He has revealed to us many times in many ways that Ohio is not where we belong, & that He has glorious plans for us down south. we, in all our humanness, clearly do not know of His plans for us in detail. but, we have heard His call, & we are taking action.

sometimes all you need is extreme courage to give you the push you need. 

Brian & I are known for not always doing everything perfectly “logical,” due to listening to our Father’s calls. we are the people who got married months before our scheduled wedding because of His call. we are now the people who are making the move states away because He is calling us there. we trust, & we know that God’s got this. He always reminds us of this.

I know what some of y’all are thinking. “how do you know if it’s God speaking to you? how do you know this isn’t just cooked up in your heads?” well, for one, it is hard for me to leave my job that I love. I mean, I love Alabama, but I have contemplated staying up here just to stay at my job. however, as much as I love what I do, I know and feel that we are being called somewhere else.

I keep coming back to this cheesy old quote, “let your faith be bigger than your fear.” it may be cheesy, but I am adopting it as my new philosophy throughout this bold next step.