Here is my mission with Shambly Chic: Adorable & Affordable.

I know that when I’m looking at home decor, I want something cute, something that makes me happy to come home to and see hanging on the wall. However, I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on it. Personally, I can’t justify spending over $50 on one piece of home decor, but $49.99? Yeah, I can justify that. 🙂

My goal is to make adorable home decor for under $50 a piece. I want everyone to be able to have custom made, high quality decor without overpaying for it. It may sound silly to some, but I think the way a woman decorates her home speaks to who she is. I know when I have decor that is true to myself hanging up, it makes me feel empowered in a way. {Yes, I’ve spoken about this with my husband before, and no he does not understand it and he thinks I’m silly.} But y’all know what I mean right?! Doesn’t it make you feel content like all is right with the world when your home looks the way that YOU plan it to?

Maybe I sound crazy. All I know is that it’s important to me how my home looks, and I want to be the one to design it.

Check out my work and contact me for custom orders {my specialty!}

What is {Shambly Chic?}


Hey y’all! So yesterday was the surprise launch of my new Etsy shop, named after this blog. I say “surprise launch” because it was a surprise to me! I planned to launch the shop on Wednesday, but I was just too excited, so I decided to make Monday great.

I wanted to take a minute to explain the background behind the name “Shambly Chic” and all that this movement means to me. Yes, I said movement, not business.

My decorating style is definitely “shabby chic.” One day, when I was crafting some wreaths for friends and family, my husband walked in and we were just chatting about what was on our docket for the day. That led to a conversation about what I was doing with my crafting, which led to me discussing how much I love shabby chic looking stuff. After my little monologue about how much I love shabby chic, Bri says, “Shabby chic? This (*gestures to the state of our home due to my crafting*) is SHAMBLY chic!” We both had a good laugh, and then? It stuck.

I was thinking. Everything in my life is constantly a mess, but not in a bad way. I’ve always been a walking contradiction…I’ve always had the drive to turn a chaotic mess into something fruitful and beautiful. It’s very fitting. I LOVE that I’m not perfect. I own it, and I’m learning to rock it. I’ve also discovered that in my flaws and shortcomings, I can find beauty. I just have to be willing to see it. I think we’re all like this to an extent. I’m a type B personality, so I thrive off of an organized, productive, active mess. And I love it.

Shambly Chic is a movement to me because I want to empower others to STOP feeling the pressure to be perfect. None of us are perfect, and THAT IS OKAY! That’s great actually, because it allows for collaboration and learning.

I’ll dissect this more later, but there’s^ your intro into this budding beautiful opportunity.



In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at the Shambly Chic Bloom line, coming to the shop later this week!


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Exploring Bham: Oak Mountain State Park


As most of you know, Brian & I moved from Oxford, Ohio to Birmingham, Alabama about a month ago. It has been crazy since then settling in, dealing with all the legal stuff, unpacking, etc. But finally, we’ve reached the point where we can begin to explore our new area and all it has to offer.

This past Saturday, we decided to go on a hike because of how beautiful it was outside. I searched on Pinterest for some hidden gems of hiking trails around the Birmingham area, and found that one of the most beautiful trails was about 20 minutes down the road for us. We hopped in the car and set off on our journey. We read that the Green Trail was the shortest hike (about 2 miles one way) with the steepest incline, so we decided on that one since we began the hike at 2:30PM; we didn’t want to hike in the dark, and we weren’t sure how long it would take.

We started off on the hike feeling great! We were excited to be out in nature with no cell service and no people around. The Green Trail has a connection path to the Peavine Falls, so we were stoked to check it out.11392944_10153368516024025_6374354806320467785_n

This is us^ on the beginning of the trail; 2:30PM.

At first, the trail didn’t seem too steep, but that didn’t last long. After 5 minutes of small inclines, the trail shot straight up, and the path was a lot more natural than we thought. We climbed and climbed, but kept positive attitudes, especially because the scenery was incredible.


On the way up; approx. 3:00PM.

If you hike at Oak Mountain, I recommend some strong-grip shoes! There was quite a bit of pine straw on the path, which made it slippery, especially on the steep inclines. We finally reached a point where the trail plateaued for a while. On the plateau were some beautiful wildflowers and TONS of fallen pinecones from a pine tree, so of course I had to take some photos (click on photos to enlarge/for better quality.)


After the plateau, there was a steep decline, and then some rocks, water, and bridges. We knew we were getting close to the falls!


Well, we finally made it to the top of the falls! We really wanted to go to the bottom of the falls and wade in the water, but it was quite a lengthy hike from the top, and it was nearing dusk. We agreed that we’d come back another time and start in the morning, so we would have all day to explore and not have to worry about it getting dark.

Brian was our navigator, which I was definitely fine with, considering I am known for getting “turned around” a time or two. Well, our navigator was too focused on the beauty of the Lord’s creation, and he missed the sign for the Green Trail, which led us to the 6 mile long White Trail. We didn’t realize this until we were a mile down it! We turned around and headed back to find the Green Trail sign. This endeavor tacked on an additional hour or so to our hike. Thankfully, the scenery was so incredible, we didn’t mind too much.

Friends & fam: I can’t wait till you come visit so we can take you to Oak Mountain State Park! We can hike if that’s your thing, or we could go to the “beach” there. It’s a beautiful park…I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have it in my backyard.

11407172_10153368516134025_3775180935912958420_n11407057_10153368516449025_2952261444957340736_n11403397_10153368516619025_3451890357480184803_n1501819_10153368516684025_6110458235984018699_n11406838_10153368525274025_3974859552088582771_n^^Us after the hike, approx. 5:40PM.