Introducing: Thriving Thursdays! #1

Good morning, and welcome to our first Thriving Thursdays post! This feature is actually the answer to something I’ve been praying about.

It’s no secret that I’m more of a Type B person than Type A. I strive to be Type A, and I love to be organized, but when it comes down to it, I’m more laid back & I’m okay with a mess {literal mess or emotional/figurative mess}, as long as it has a purpose; teaching early childhood has taught me this concept.

Being a Type B person is often looked down upon because it is assumed that Type B’s don’t have their lives together. I’m actually really thankful for my Type B personality, and I don’t think it’s a bad quality to have; you just have to adopt tips & tricks to stay organized and “on task.”

I really love having my blog, but I’ve never been good about updating it regularly. I am a person who needs & craves accountability. I think we all need that to stay on track & to keep feeling content. I’m constantly creating schedules, routines, & lists to make sure that I’m getting everything done that I need to get done. Basically, if it’s not written down, I won’t get it done.

I’m so in love with the community that has been built through Shambly Chic. Who knew such a silly idea would become a loving, supportive group of people? I am grateful every day for the friendships that have come about due to SC’s endeavors. Whenever I go through bouts of not posting, I’m really doing this SC community a disservice. I have big dreams for this movement, but I can’t reach those dreams by letting exhaustion & minimal free time get the best of me.

All of that being said, I believe Thriving Thursdays will be a game changer for me & the Shambly Chic community. Not only will I be growing our community here & providing a sense of encouragement for yall, but additionally, you can always count on me to post at least once a week on Thursdays.

There is no rubric for Thriving Thursdays. Some weeks I will have a story to tell, other weeks I will have a soapbox rant…the content will always be different. However, I can say with absolute certainty that, no matter the content, each week will contain positive thinking practices and/or spiritual basis. There will always be a real-life application/takeaway for you to reflect on & perhaps implement in your own life. In addition to this, I will provide an encouraging image made by myself each Thursday with a quote, verse, or message for you to share, post, save to your phone, use as a lock screen, etc.

We are a work-in-progress. I believe that self-improvement is a crucial, ongoing element & process that all of us should consider actively pursuing. There is always room to grow & things to learn!

Let’s do it together.

Let us not just survive. Let’s thrive. 

FREE DOWNLOAD: to download, click on the photo, hold it down {or right click} & select “save image.” All Thriving Thursday images created by Audra Smith of Shambly Chic.   

^phone lockscreen version 


^regular image

Feel free to save & share these images…please use the hashtag #ThrivingThursdaysSC or #ShamblyChic!



August Update!

Y’all, I promise someday I’ll get better about being more regular with my posts! Life comes at me fast, all the time.

There’s been a lot going on in my life as of late, and I couldn’t be more excited to be busy again! I am so thankful for the slower, transitional period I was in for most of the summer, but I am so ready to get back into a regular schedule. Because I graduated college in three years, and got married & diagnosed with a chronic illness within those three years, and then immediately landed my first teaching job upon graduation, I didn’t have any time off to enjoy life. This summer was the break that I needed, and I am grateful to have been in that place for a bit.

This month, I am being featured on my friend Cami’s blog. I was so honored to be asked to be featured, and it was a really fun opportunity! I was asked a lot of interesting questions that no one had every really asked me before, so it was a great chance for me to reflect on my thoughts, opinions, and life. To read the feature, click here.

I began a new job at the end of July that I could not be more excited about! I am working at The University of Alabama in their Child Development Research Center as an assistant teacher! #RollTideRoll. I feel like I’m exactly where I’m meant to be right now, and that’s such a peaceful feeling. It’s so worth the 2.5 hour commute round trip each day 😉 We plan to move closer soon…I’m ready to move to Tuscaloosa tomorrow if I could!

Brian and I finally settled on a church down here in Birmingham, and I have just joined the worship team there. I am so grateful for this opportunity to use my God-given gifts to serve our new church home! 

My best friend Lindsey and I {who I met at my new job} are running a half marathon in November! It’s been almost one year since I completed my first half marathon, & I am excited to run my second! 

I wrote and published a book this summer called Shambly Chic Devotional: Philippians. The ebook version is out now, and the hard copy will be out soon after the manuscript is finalized. It has been a great experience that has taught me a lot about myself! I can’t wait to write the next one. 

In the midst of all these new projects & endeavors, I am still making time for my Etsy shop! Notice how I said “making time” and not “finding time.” I have to be intentional about it & have to have very sharp time management skills to pull it off. Because it’s important to me, I make it a priority. 

As previously stated in an earlier blog post, I am a Global Advocate for T1International. This September, I’m teaming up with JDRF & T1I at the JDRF Walk in Birmingham! If you’d like to join my team {called T1International} for the walk, it doesn’t cost any money to register. You can also register as a virtual walker to show your support if you can’t physically be there. My team’s fundraising goal is $1,000 and I’m super hopeful that we can reach it! I’m excited to spread awareness about T1International while simultaneously helping fund T1D cure research. If you’d like to consider donating, registering, or if you’d just like to check out a brief version of my story, head over here.

I think that about covers it! Make sure to check back this Thursday for our first Thriving Thursdays post! 

Sending out my love to y’all,