My Hope

It’s very difficult to discuss my illness without sounding like a drama queen. But frankly, it’s simultaneously very difficult to constantly be sick and feel sick, while having to function as if everything is “normal.” 

The general public doesn’t understand how bad Type 1 Diabetes is. 

I feel that it’s my mission to educate, inform, and raise awareness. I can’t do any of these things without being brutally, transparently honest. And that is what I plan to do this November. 

My laments and ramblings may sound like a pity party at times {because sometimes they actually are.} But please know, the sentiments I express are from my heart. All I want from others is compassion and real understanding. 

My hope for November is that the general public can begin to understand this disease truly. That they will know that I didn’t develop T1 from any lifestyle choices; it is purely genetic. That they will understand that no amount of eating well or exercising will improve or reverse my condition. That they will stand up to correct a misconception between T1 and T2. That they will stop laughing at humiliating, myth-perpetuating, crushing “jokes” about my illness that are all over every form of media. That they will accept all of us {of all types} in the diabetes community and hear us. Truly hear us

We are a long way from all of this, but I’m not giving up. Every time I am able to educate those around me, I feel like I’m raising awareness and being a voice for this community; I’m doing my life’s work. 

Please tune in to my posts this November. I hope that you are enlightened by seeing the world from a different perspective.